neck rest not work with rear rack or seat bag?

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I just installed the neck rest but cannoot see how it would work with my rear rack. Are the two mutually incompatible?


  • I just took a look at the head/neck rest listing and it says it will work with fenders rear rack, etc. Unless I am doing something wrong, the rest elbow right over the rear rack, making the rack useless. I have a circa 2006 carbon edge. Could that be the problem?
  • The headrest along with the rear rack should fit on the Edge. You can try turning the rack 180degrees. Another issue could be if the seat is moved far back on the frame and is in a maximum reclined position.

    The seat bag can still be used with the headrest and rack and your cargo space should not be limited.

    If rotating the rack does not solve your problem, please email me a photograph of the side of the back end of your trike.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • Here is my setup: terrarest.jpg
    Right now, the bar that attaches to the back of the seat would interfere with the rear fender. I suppose I should move my seat forward? Secondly, the neck rest shaft itself goes way over the top of the rack bag... not too much of a problem if I don't want to use the ties on top of the bag, as the bag has a side zipper. The seat bag, however... unless it was holding papers. I could not see how it would be useful with the head rest..? Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks!
  • Moved the seat way forward and got it working.
  • That's great that you got it working - as long as moving the seat forward hasn't made the trike too short for your legs!
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • Ok, Im just going to continue this thread and ask what if?
    Jess_Kess wrote:
    Another issue could be if the seat is moved far back on the frame and is in a maximum reclined position.

    I bought a Cruiser earlier this year and love every minute that I'm on it. I'm trying to come up with a neck rest for it. I haven't purchased the head rest just for this issue. My seat position is such that the seat is pretty far forward with an almost full reclined position. If I look up from this position my helmet can rest actually on trunk bag (its a bit of a stretch) but not really practical for seeing where I'm going. Any other thoughts about adding a neck rest to a Cruiser?
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