Fender screw sizes

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Hi Folks,

Does anyone know the screw size used on the Deluxe Fenders, specifically on the "arms" that connect the fender and brackets? I've had issues with them getting loose and rattling in the past, and now I've found that I've lost one screw. I'm actually thinking of getting longer replacements, along with small nuts (possibly loctite, too). They're a pain to tighten properly, I actually partially stripped one of the screw-holes.

- Paul


  • My fenders came with one missing screw, so I took one down to the local hardware store and matched it up. I think it was 3mm diameter, but I don't remember the length. Probably didn't even look at the numbers. Just matched it up. Regular hardware stores, not the big chain home improvement stores, often have a section of various screws, bolts, nuts and so on in small pull out drawers. I live in a small town and there's at least two places around here with such hardware. I matched up the original screw with one that looks almost exactly the same, in stainless steel. I colored the head with a black Sharpie before installation. I bought a couple of spares that I carry on the trike with me just in case I drop one while fixing a flat on the road. I check the tightness of mine from time to time, and I've found that they are sometimes a bit loose. Locktite blue should help. I suppose longer screws and Nyloc nuts would solve the problem too, but that's going a little too far for my taste.

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