Retrofit IPS to tandem?

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Can the IPS option be retrofitted onto a used tandem? Any significant design changes over the life of the product which would make this impossible (e.g., could the current IPS be installed on a 2009 tandem? Thanks -



  • I hope you get a YES answer on this. We got our Rover tandem with IPS and think it is GREAT -- especially in our situation where one rider is significantly stronger at pedaling that is the other. When we were considering adding the tandem attachment to our Rover, we had the owner of a major TT dealer strongly discourage us from getting it with the IPS. We are so glad I reasoned through our situation aright and got it anyway. Nearly every time we ride, we marvel again at how nice it is that one can relax and let the other do all the work sometimes. It's nice!
  • Ken,

    I see 10 days have past without an answer to your question. You may want to send an e-mail directly to TerraTrike with your question. They should be able to tell you if it is possible as well as how to install the IPS.
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