exploring michigan trails

edited July 2013 in Michigan
This past week I came up with the idea of getting out this summer to explore as many of the rails to trails as I can so this past weekend I tried out the Kiwanis trail in Adrian it was a nice trail 13 miles round trip I really enjoyed getting out on a different trail, on the trip home I decided how much better it would be if we could get a group of riders to try a different trail every weekend, is there anyone out there who would be interested? I live in Jackson and we have the Falling Waters trail here and I ride this trail just about every day and it sure was nice to get out and do some trail exploring yesterday. Well let me know if you are interested and we could pick a trail for next weekend. Thank you for your time & happy riding.


  • I can recommend Lakeland Trails - converted rail path from Stockbridge to Hamburg. 26.1 miles.  Gets a little rough from Stockbridge to Pinckney, though. Paving starts in Pinckney.
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