Touch up Paint

edited November 2013 in Tour II
Hi all!! I have a Tour II Elite in Sunburst Yellow Powder Coat and since I have owned the Trike it has sustained several chips. I talked to a friend who is a great automobile painter and he said that he might be able to make me a match color but in California he would have to mix a base coat and then you would have to apply a small clear coat over the base coat or that he might be able to mix a single stage paint. I knew that before the winter sets in, when the roads are wet, I wanted to get the chips covered up. My riding partener ( brother in law) suggested enamel model paint. My wife had a box of assorted colors in these little one ounce glass bottles since the 1980"s and the yellow matched perfectly and dries in about 12 hours and only because I know where the nicks are can you spot them. So for all the Tour II owners with the Sunburst Yellow Powder Coat and chips, Enamel Model Paint is the answer and it comes in many different colors. Try it !!!!! You'll like it!!!!
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