how to attach water bottle cage to edge

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I have all the brackets to attach to my carbon edge, circa 2006... but if someone could post a photo or well-worded explanation where and how to attach these puppies (I have two) it would be much appreciated! Thanks!


  • * sigh *
  • We usually attach the brackets to the back of the seat frame.
    Jessica Kessenich
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  • the "back of the seat frame." You know a picture is worth a thousand words... would it work with the neck rest, or the rear rack? Is there any place on the bike frame particularly it goes? I'm a noob at this, so a photo of how your product is attached would be very helpful.
  • Here is how you would attach it to the back of the seat. Note tat you will have to add an additional piece of rubber spacer as the tube is a little smaller than the others.


    And here is where you'd install it under the seat (no additional rubber spacers needed)


    Hope this helps
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  • Chonk, you rock! Thanks, buddy!
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