Which tires to upgrade to?

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:? I am wanting to change from the original tires to get some more speed(it is an ego thing)
The choices are Tryker, Kojak or BA's. I really only ride on pavement, but there is always some glass on the roads i use. Anyone using these tires and can give me some feedback?


  • Kojak's will give you less rolling resistance. They are decent as far as puncture resistance however there may be other tires that are better in that regard. There is little to no sidewall flex on a Kojak so don't expect a cushy ride. I am on my second set of Kojaks and feel they were a good upgrade from the factory CST tires.
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  • I was going to say Big Apples for the win, then saw you are more interested in speed.  I too would agree with Kojaks.  I own a set, and have mounted them for special pavement only type rides when riding with others.

    For me (fat guy, bad knees, weak engine) it wasn't so much the Kojaks being faster, but rather due to the weight savings (compared to BAs) I found they spin up to speed faster, and it's easier to hold a higher speed with them.

    Comparing 3 20X2.00 BAs and tubes vs 3 20X1.35 Kojaks and tubes = a 3 pound total weight savings.
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  • I have tried Kojaks an Big Apple tires on the Catrike Expedition and found the Kojacs are faster only if the roads are really smooth but they lose speed fast on bumps, cracks, sand or any road imperfections. The Big Apple tires are heavier and take more to get up to speed but hold that speed better on real imperfect roads and I have found that I can maintain a higher average speed using the Big Apple tires. But Big Apple tires in the 2.0 are faster than the wider ones, I am talking 70 psi. So on my Terratrike Rover tandem it is Big Apple 20 x2.0 and it is a huge improvement in speed over the stock tires 
  • Has anyone had experience with the Schwinn knobby tire 20x2.0
  • I find Primo Comets faster than Kojaks. The non-Kevlar Comet is faster than the Kevlar version due to it's more supple casing. You will lose some speed with the Kevlar version but will have greater flat protection. If you are just looking for flat out speed, then go with the non-Kevlar Comet. 
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