TT Path 8 Test Ride (and a few others)

I am the owner of two recumbent rides, a Burley Koosah and an EZ3 AL(uminum) delta trike. I love both of them but wish I had ridden more 'Bents before I spent the (approximate) $2500 for these fun bikes.

I am interested in a few recumbent tadpole trikes models, the GreenSpeed GT1/3/5, Trice QNT/TNT and TerraTrike Path8/Cruiser/Zoomer. I am looking at buying one in the near future, but plan on extensive research and test rides before I decide.

There is a large bike dealer about 168 miles from me and one day I went there and rode an TRICE QNT and a GreenSpeed G1 (8 speed). Loved them both, but I wanted to ride a TT Path 8 and the only one the dealer had was the 3 speed, bummer.

The guy wanted me to buy then and there, but as I just said (and told him) I want to ride as many of the trikes on my list BEFORE I throw my favorite dollars down on another recumbent purchase. When I got home I sent an e-mail thanking the guy for his time and reiterating my desire to ride as many as I could BEFORE I buy. I included the complete list of the trikes on my wish list and asked him to contact me when he can arrange a test ride for me on any of those I have not ridden yet. Sadly I have not heard a word from him since and it has been almost a month.

He is one of the best dealers around and very involved in the community and arranges lots of rides and events. His customers love him and speak highly of him, but for some reason he must have thought I drove 336 miles to kick tires and waste his time and mine. I am reluctant to ask him again about how I might ride the other trikes on my list, since he has not responded to my original (very polite and grateful) e-mail.

I really would like to ride a TT Path 8, Cruiser and Zoomer. The bikes seem to be well made (with quality components), the company very responsive and price-wise, an absolute bargain for what one gets with each trike. I wonder where any other dealers or satisfied owners are within a reasonable (200 miles) radius of me where I might get to test rides these TT trikes. I live in the greater New Orleans LA region (50 miles north of the city).

I appreciate any assistance I might receive from any members of this forum and look forward to many responses.

Thanks again,


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  • Brian,

    You are doing the right thing in trying out all the different models before you buy. There is a lot of subjective differences in every trike model and finding the one that fits you best is most important as it could become a large investment. However, this forum and others like Bentrider online and the WizWheels Owners Group on Yahoo are great resources for additional info.

    As for the dealer you are referring to, if I am to assume it was the one to your North, I can say that he is one of our larger 5 star dealers. They are required to carry at least one or our models on their floor for test rides however most of our 5 star dealers carry multiple models for comparison.

    That being said, it is very expensive for a dealer to carry every brand and then each model within that brand, especially for a niche product such as trikes (although we are changing that market quickly!). Asking him to bring a model he doesn't stock just for a test ride is quite costly for him. It is also June in the bike business and most IBD's are running at 100 m.p.h. right now. I'm not trying to defend their lack of communication, but just offering some possible explanations. We too sometimes need to call or email several times to get a busy dealer to return our call.

    We realized all of this many years ago and is one of the reasons why we offer the 30 day test ride warranty. This allows you to order the trike you want and if by some reason it just doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days and we'll refund ALL of your money - including the shipping costs. Now we'll obviously subtract out for any wear and tear to avoid people from using this warranty as a 30 day "rental" service, and we always try to help you make the proper descision BEFORE you purchase to minimize any reason for returns, but it's a great program if you're on the fence. Added security that your TerraTrike will be the perfect trike for you.

    I would also put out feelers on the WizWheels Owners Group Page for an owner in your area. These guys are usually very receptive to offering their trike for a test ride. Plus they can give you some insiders information that is invaluable to your research. The URL for that is

    Lastly, I just want to say that the Path8 is an AWESOME trike. You wouldn't notice any difference in the ride between tat and the Path3 with the exception of the added gearing.

    I hope that helps clarify your questions a little better, and as always, let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help you in your quest.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • I appreciate your reply and I hope I did not give the wrong impression. I did not ask him to special order anything, just let me know when and if he got any of the trikes on my list in stock. I really want to test ride a Path 8, for the same money as a Trice TNT26, I could buy two (Path 8's), one for me AND one for the wife.

    I understand the cost and effort to just owning such a retail operation, and really do appreciate what he did for me in my short visit to his well stocked store. I have nothing but admiration and respect for him, his community outreach is amazing, his energy for bikes, canoes and kayaks (his other sales items) is awesome.

    I was just a little disappointed that after the 6 hours (+) driving time I spent and the hour carefully crafting the "thank you" e-mail to him, I would get at least a short "I'll keep you informed of my trike inventory" or at least an "OK" reply. As I said, I am not picking on him, if I get to ride some of the others on the list, and it is not at a retail outlet, I would want to order the trike thru him. He is a great guy and I would imagine, a master at assembling and maintenance for the genre of bike he sells.

    I thank you in advance for any and all assistance in this matter,

  • No problem really.

    Just let us know if there is anything WE can do to help.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
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