mount for JBL Charge blue tooth stereo

edited March 2014 in Rambler
I am working on a mount system for this portable stereo on my Rambler. Using two minoura 28-35 mm camera mounts clamped to the two Y tubes in front of my seat. I am making a small tray that will bolt to these two clamps. With the addition of two small velcro straps, or even tie wraps, I should have a nice mount for the stereo. Having it in front of you, as opposed to behind, helps keep the music flowing towards you, as you gain speed, and deal with wind noise. This device plays for long periods paired up to my iphone and pandora. Very nice riding in woods listening to some Ulrich Schnauss (best riding music ever) and still be able to chat with my wife in her Rambler. I will post some pics when I finish it. Though small, the stereo can really put out the sound.
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