Bryan/College Station Area or Interest in Hill Country Tre(i)king?

Got a new trike and got the itch. I ride this sweet thing to work every day. Its a short 5 miles. I don't ride fast. I stay away from too much testosterone or too much estrogen for that matter. I don't like the burn. If I feel it, I drop a gear or two. No Pain No Pain. I don't want to hear how cycling is going to save the world. It might save me and that's a good thing. Contrary to what I have said, I really like people and I can carry on a decent conversation. I've got a big van and can haul a few of us out to the Hill Country for some choice riding or exploring the Brazos Valleys back roads is fine with me too! Indian Summer is right around the corner. Lets plan now for some good rides!    Shakeylegs


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