Removing nose boom from Tandem Pro - easy to do and redo?

Our new Tandem Pro fits nicely in our Honda Oddysey without removing the 2nd set of captains chairs (just have to move them to the outside), but we're going on a ride where I have to transport my wife and 3 kids and those 4 chairs are not enough. Thus I'm trying to adjust the Trike so that I can get a single 3rd row seat available.

I think I can do this by removing the nose boom from the trike, allowing me to slide the bike 6+ inches towards the endgate so that the right wheel of the Trike does not interfere with this seat.

Is this easy to remove, and more importantly is this easy to reattach without screwing up anything - specifically the chain and/or tuning?

Thanks in advance!

Dan in Pella, IA


  • Hi Dan,


    Can you tell me what year your Honda Odyssey is and do you take out the front console to get the tandem to fit.  When you put the tandem in your vehicle do you have to remove the back seat of the tandem or does it slip in between the seats? I am asking because in order for me to fit the tandem in my vehicle I have to disassemble the front from the back with the couplings, take off the chain and unscrew the derailleur connector.  Not a huge deal but it does take time and you need two people to execute this task.  My wife and were thinking about another vehicle to transport our tandem to the rail trails.


    As far as the boom is concerned I never removed mine but I can't imagine that it is not any more difficult than separating the trike into 2 pieces.


    Thanks for answering my questions.


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