New Rover 8

Just purchased/received a new Rover 8. It was supposed to be with the Nexus drive, but it came with the SRAM 8 speed drive. It drives really well. 
Does anyone know if there is any significant differences between the two different drives? Which one is more durable/reliable? 
Also, I have the Patterson Metropolis drive which gives the Rover an effective 16 speeds. This addition really enhances the ride, comfort and speed. 
Also, are there any trike groups here in Colorado?  


  • Thanks for the comments and advice. 
    I am getting used to shifting while pedaling lightly or not at all. The SRAM hub seems to perform pretty good. 
    I will ask about the Nexus hub. 

  • What part of Colorado are you in? My wife and I are here in Broomfield (Northern Denver Suburb).
    Enjoy your ride, have fun, and ride safe.

    2010 Terra Trike Rover 8

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  • Live in Buena Vista, a couple of hours SW of Denver. Really enjoy the ride and the views out here. 

  • I have the Shimano 8 speed on my REI cruiser bike.  From that, I like the internal hubs enough that I plan on having an internal hub set up installed when the travelers are available
  • Joe,  I bought the Rover Nuvinci and added the Patterson Metropolis to it - I tested the 8 speed at a local shop before settling on the Nuvinci.  With the Patterson crankset on the front it has an amazing range!  I've only had it for about 4 months now, but it's been a great trike.  My wife and I are relocating to Littleton and are already finding great places to ride.  Let me know if you or Ed decide to start a trike group - I'm slow myself (about 8-9 mph) but hopefully that will improve over time.

    Will V.
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