First "real" ride on my new Rambler

Well, after a couple of months of test riding and debating with my ego about whether to get a bent or more specifically a trike or not, I finally pulled the trigger and brought my Rambler Base home today. I come from a background of strictly upright bikes. I had literally thousands of miles on an 89 Dave Scott Ironman Expert and a 91 Specialized Rock Hopper FS but due to carpal issues I have been forced off of two wheels for the past several years. My first test ride on a Trek Cross Rip this spring is what got me thinking of going "bent", my hands went painfully numb within the first few hundred yards out the door of the LBS. A couple of months after that point I decided to swallow my "pride and ego" and go test ride the Terra Trikes. I test rode a Rover, a Rover Auto, a Tour II, a Rambler 8, and a Rambler Base. I have to admit that I kind of fell in love with the trikes after the first ride on one. Gone was any numbness in my hands as well as any pain in my shoulders. I very much enjoyed the Tour II but I hated the shifters, should be bar ends only on a vertical bar in my opinion. Since cost was a factor, I opted to get the Rambler Base, it was the same cost as the Tour II without any extra cost for making the shifters work for me and the handling wasn't different enough to justify the added cost I would have to pay to get it right for me.

I took my Rambler to a state park bike trail near my home and due to time constraints was only able to ride 7.5 miles around the park but I have to say, tomorrow morning when the sun comes up after I get home from work, more miles will definitely be on the itinerary, this thing is a blast to ride! I do already believe I'm going to need to upgrade the gearing though as it felt topped out on the couple small downhill sections of the park trail.  But that did not deter from an utterly enjoyable riding experience. I am definitely sold on this trike!


  • Consider the 26" rear wheel upgrade; will give you more top end. I did mine several months ago and love it.
  • Great to hear, Ramblerman!! as lrogers said, I think you would love the 26" rear wheel upgrade! Keep Triking!
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  • I now have nearly 100 miles on my trike and falling a bit more for it every ride. Since winter is closing in on us here I believe I'll wait until spring to go for the larger rear wheel option and 100 psi tires all around. Once the weather turns here I'll be putting knobbies on it to lengthen my riding season. I ride in just about any weather as long as the roads are sort of passable ;o)
  • I switched from a road bike to a Rambler GT with the 26" rear wheel a couple of weeks ago.  Gone is the pain from shoulders, the pain from my @$$ and the fatigue from my feet.  I've got 60 miles on the ODO and I did a 19 miler two days ago.  My legs were tired, but the rest of my body was happy.  I wouldn't trade my trike for anything.  I just really like riding it.
  • I've always been a mountain biker (Trek) for many years and then I slowly begun to have a deteriorating lower back issues along with carpal tunnel as well.  I purchased a Ramber GT last weekend and couldn't be happier!!  Sooooo much fun!!  Got stopped on the trail 3x yesterday with people asking what I was riding and how to get one!  :-bd
  • I carry business cards for my local bike shop and hand them out to inquisitive people.

  • Am approaching 79, eager to purchase my first trike and seeking suggestions that include " stay home and sit on my butt." Thinking toward LWB, nice suspension, neck support and adjustable back support. A 26 inch rear wheel would be a bomb.

    HELP, HELP, HELP..... 
  • I know this is a Rambler thread, but we have a new Rover Nuvinci 360 and would not trade it for anything!!! No wrist pain, no left hip pain, just a little leg tightness (a good thing). The only 'pain' is having to explain what I am riding on. LOL!
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