Wide Rover Seat Installed

I got my new wide Rover seat installed yesterday and set out this morning to give it a test ride. I’m a big boy and the stock seat dug into my shoulder blades and my thighs. The new seat is two inches wider than the original. The first thing I noticed when I started out was the increased comfort in both shoulders and thighs. Much better. As the ride progressed I found that my sustainable top speed had increased by over .5 mph. At the end of the 17 mile ride my average speed had also increased by a good .5 mph. Also the knee strain that I occasionally felt when pushing it was pretty much eliminated.

While seating on the trike at the end of the ride I was trying to figure out how just changing a set could make such a difference. That’s when I realized that with the original seat to relieve the pressure on my thighs I was keeping my legs bent in and so my knees weren’t directly over the pedals. This was putting undue pressure on my knees and robbing me of power on the pedal strokes. Doh!! Another added benefit of the new seat is that the seat material is mesh instead of solid and so it was much cooler. That helped a lot with hydration as I didn’t sweat nearly as much. Needless to say I’m very happy with my wide body seat.

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  •   $210 though, ouch.

      I don't understand something, although this is an old post. Why would anyone have their knees above the pedals? That would be highly uncomfortable on a trike. A bicycle maybe...
      My knees are above the crossbar (Rover).

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  • I suspect rogotoo meant lined up with. When you're reclined, your knees are "above" the pedals from that perspective.

    - PaulNM
  •   Yeah. heh.  ;)

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  • I'm thinking that perhaps someone on this forum might be willing to trade the "Kardashian Ass" seat for your regular. Perhaps they've lost weight, etc. and are ready for the regular sized one.

    Never underestimate the power of barter.

    Speaking of which - anyone wanna trade with me? I'd like the seat with the "Wide Load" yellow sign on it; willing to trade my regular seat for it.
  • Still debating. Now if @chonk said the wider seat would come with the newer designed meshing that the Rambler has, that might be enough incentive to get one.

    Problem with a lot of things in the TT website is there is no mention of size or weight. In the case of the seat, one could compare the dimensions of the normal to the wider seat and have a more educated guess if it would work.

    Do know the feeling issue on the shoulder blades, yet is minimal on my end. Although I'm on the second to last hole on the seat reclining, it is more comfortable when riding cross & headwinds, and makes my legs happy.
    Of course am also having shoulder pain after rides. I lack the knowledge to know if the wider seat would change that, or if a lumbar pad of some sort would help.

    It also might be time to change the position of the handlebars to a more angled grip. This is the latest angle with the wider handlebars.
    I do think it's also time to get some brake noodles: unsure to go with flexible or rigid.

    TerraTrike knows more about their trikes and what remedies people of used to overcome certain conditions. I'm still learning. A wider seat is a $221 shipped, no coupon either. :(

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  • Am also at 388# (just weighed), 55" waist, 5' 11" (shrinking).

    The seat wedge, like others have said, wasn't that much of an improvement but it does sort of help when on uneven terrain.

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  • Sr Citizen Discount? AARP? What's a brake noodle?
  • FINN58 wrote: »
    Sr Citizen Discount? AARP? What's a brake noodle?

    TerraTrike may as well discount their complete product line. Just about every trike owner is a senior !
  • I too, have issues with the mesh seat seam that slips over the right side tube... (Unknown why it seems to always be the 'right' side... haven't had the same issue on the left side...)

    I too, am a heavy guy... 6'4", 315lbs... and dropping... but, using the original seat frame. Switched to the mesh fabric though, partly to allow water to drip through the seat rather than to collect... but also, it 'breaths' better. But, still having the same issue with the seam, even though it is more off to the right of the edge of the seat.

    So far, the only way to prevent the digging in of my thigh, through my bike shorts, is to zip-tie a piece of foam around the corner. It has to be the right kind of foam though, not too thick... Problem is, it keeps wearing out. I have a gel foam cushion for an office chair and have tried sitting on it. It extends out about 2 inches from the seat though, and or course, doesn't breath... gets a bit warm over time. My brother has a Rans recumbent (bike) and its seat is a gel-formed one... he never tells me it gets hot. Wondering if the gel-form pad could be modified... have to see.

    I use the second to the lowest seat recline position as I found that on the lowest, it felt as though the muscles from the 'glutes' (the butt), to the upper legs were being 'pinched'. I talked about the type of foam... If the foam is too thick, the same feeling about the muscles or nerves being 'pinched' happens.

    I clip in... have been thinking about modifying the shoes for the clips to be more centered in the middle of the foot, just don't want to ruin my Shimano SH-SD66 SPD Cycling Sandals (I found a used pair, absolutely LOVE them, they have a high 'back', so it doesn't feel like my heel wants to slip out.) Has anyone tried this modification?

  • Roho air cushion for wheelchairs. I have a 16 x 18". Use it in truck and kayak too. Don't feel bumps. Too wide as it folds over front of seat. I am glad I pulled it out of truck one day to try it.
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    Ever order something and see the area for a coupon or discount code? That's what I was talking about. It's all good though, and TerraTrike are good people.

    Brake Noodles route the brake cable on a 90° angle (usually) and then there are Flexible Brake Noodles.
    Big thighs & close quarters means the brake cables get bent. Does not make for smooth cable use. Then the bent cable housing causes the cable to get pinched, along with friction and time causes a fray. That's not a good thing.

    Some have switched their brake handles around, others use brake noodles. Not sure why there are no brake levers where the cable come in from the front as opposed to the side...

    Flexible Brake Noodle

    Rigid 90° Brake Noodle

    And while looking for a 90° brake noodle on a trike it seems Utah Trikes and other prefer the flexible ones. So there's an answer, my friend, blowing in the internet wind... ;)

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  • I am in the beginning stages of buying a TerraTrike, I am a big guy (almost over Rover weight limit), but losing weight slowly, and need a way to exercise that is low impact and due to a back injury a recumbent will hopefully be better than “Traditional” bikes/trikes. I sat on one at a dealer, with the narrow seat of course… The FIRST thing I noticed was the seat-back pipes digging into my shoulders… I hope 2” is enough; otherwise the welder will need to come out. Thank You to everyone that posts here!
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