Sportster GT

I am interested in getting a Sportster GT.  I test rode a Tour II a couple of weeks ago and it was great, but I think I would like the direct steer of the Sportster.  

I currently have a four year old zoomer that I love, but I have a problem with my left hip and cannot adjust the web seat tight enough to keep my hip from rubbing on the cross bar under the seat.  The pressure from the contact with the cross bar aggravates my hip and I can ride 30-40 minutes before I have to stop, get off, stretch and relax.  The change in the seat design on the rambler, tour and sportster I think will alleviate the problem I have with the seat on my zoomer. 

Do any dealers in Ohio take trade ins?  Is that an option that any dealer would consider? 

Any suggestions or input from anyone would be appreciated!


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