Electric Motor Assist for Rover 8



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    I have a mid-drive clamped to my boom just under the front crossbars and the battery mounted to a bracket I machined clamped to my port rear fork on my rover 8.  I wanted to keep my speed drive up front and my IGH rear.
    the drive is a 500W 24v E-4 from electroportal.  The battery that comes with is sealed lead acid (~10Ah) so I upgraded to a 20Ah LiFePO4 golden motor battery; my commute to work is about 12 miles, I'm a large, not very aerodynamic load, I'm carrying a full load of stuff to shower and change at work plus a cooler, and it lasts great with plenty of charge remaining.
    I used the plate that normally attaches the battery to the luggage rack and the bracket I rigged to mount the battery on the left rear fork.

    I used a handlebar accessory mount from here to mount the throttle.

    I like to tinker and a former electrician, so changing the connectors was no big deal, I used Anderson powerpole connectors all the way through.

    If I was to do it again, I'd probably go with a 36V or 48V system.
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    The drive is an E-4 from electroportal.com. It's strictly an electric assist, if you try to start under motor alone the system trips and the battery has to be reset at the key.  it adds about 5 mph to my speed.  YMMV.

    I don't have a hosting service to upload the pics to.  Sorry.

    The motor comes with a mounting plate you can drill and cut as you need to.  It also comes with the narrow plates that fit on the far side of the boom so you don't need to use square u-bolts. 

    And if the system ever screws up, I can replace the motor with a Cyclone motor or the like, and use that as a chance to upgrade to a higher voltage, maybe get more speed. Or simply remove the motor altogether and route my original chain.  I got the extra boost I needed and didn't have to drill the frame.  Without breaking a grand until I upgraded the battery (and that just barely).
  • bafang bbs02 mid drive 48v 750w is the good choice,price is under 450 usd,but it is good popular by the people.

  • TerraTrike should consider hiring Digitally to design their own electric assist build to sell as a Rover i8e (e for electric)
  • I have a Rover with an electric assist. Here is a Photo.
    I went with a 24" rear wheel and an E-BikeKit
    I also went with the Lithium 48 volt battery. I have been on a 30-mile ride and still had a lot of battery power left. (I peddled about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way.) 
    I have to say, I am so very pleased with this Trike, I can't believe how much fun it is to ride. I have a hard time putting it away at the end of the day.  
  • I am getting ready to install the BBS02 750Watt kit to my Rover i8. I want to use it on trails and hills. Any recommendation on the front sprocket size? The kit comes with a 46t but I think that is way too high when the stock one is 32t. I don't need to go 30+mph. Thoughts?
  • What extension cables will I need, to install a BBS02 Kit on my rover?
  • The extensions I KNOW you will need are for the speedo (if you mount it on the rear wheel), the battery cable, (depending on where you place the battery) and very likely the display.

    I mounted my motor on a specially designed bottom bracket under the seat. I don't need any of those extensions. But based on the length of cable for each on MY motor and placing it in the traditional position, you are going to need these. I wouldn't put the speedo on the unpowered front, since it won't display the right speed all of the time. (Slower for a turn to the sensor's side, faster for the off side. And turning is when you NEED to know your speed so you don't flip to the outside of the turn.)

    As far as which chain ring to use, I would stick with the 46T. The motor registers the pedals moving, and depending on your assist levels, it just kicks in. Or start out with throttle to get moving and start pedaling. Drop the throttle when you feel resistance on the pedals and you know you are pedaling almost as fast as the motor is spinning the chain ring. Honestly, if I had mounted the motor in its traditional spot, I would have opted for a chain ring more along the 48T or 52T size..... The motor makes that much difference going up a hill.

    Buy the Lunacycle 48V kit and you are going to get a Shark battery (from the 2 kits I've seen). These mount really nicely on the stowaway rack. Center of gravity is low and towards the rear. Exactly where you want it to be.
  • Thank you for the info. My concern with the 46T chain ring is not being able to climb any real hill without assist and the top speed will be faster than is safe on the trike? Is that not accurate?
  • Yes and maybe. The 46T is a tall chain ring, so yes, it will be a bit much for any hill climbing without the motor. But that's the point, isn't it? The motor is there to help you climb those hills.

    The top speed of the BBS02 is roughly 25mph. The motor itself just can't sustain higher than that speed. This is pretty much based on the 46T and throttle use, not PAS. It also assumes you are on the flats or going downhill. You won't hit that speed going up hill.

    You don't want to go that fast? Don't use the throttle. Or turn the levels of PAS down on the display as you get to the speed you feel comfortable with. Remember, with PAS you HAVE to move the pedals. Even if you aren't putting anything into the pedal, just the fact it is moving tells the motor to put power out. Lower PAS mode means a lower output from the motor requiring more pedal from you to maintain the speed or it drops.

    The sweet spot seems to be about 11-15mph. for me that's PAS mode 6 in 6th or 7th gear on my Nexus. Up the PAS to 9 (the top end) and I can maintain 17mph for about a mile, then the 2 legged motor craps out...

    If you also get the programming cable when you buy your motor, you can set the tops speed the motor will supply power to. I have mine set to cutout at about 20mph. Once I hit this speed the motor no longer puts any power out. This speed limit can't be set on some displays, so the only way to set it with those displays is the programming cable. This is the legal limit for ebikes in Washington state. (And most states. check your own statutes for the limits where you live.)
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