Just ordered a Rambler base...will get it in about a week.

I just ordered a Rampler base. Any suggestions on getting started?
I have riden a 2 wheel hybrid bike for years, but back surgery took me off of that...
Thanks for any replies...
Paul Gailey
San Diego, CA 


  • I think the biggest single thing you can do to improve performance is to upgrade the tires.
  • Thanks John...I will try that...what should I upgrade to?
    Where should I buy them from?
  • Terratrike carries several upgrades.  You can call them and see what they recommend.  Any bike shop in your area could probably help you too.
  • Thanks Railrunner...looking forward to riding the Rambler!
  • If you are in any traffic or pedestrians you will definately want a bell, air horn or boat whistle and mirrors.  You are hard to see and are very quiet coming up behind someone.  "On your left" is not always heard or responded to.  I have been triking along rail trails at 12mph and had roadies whiz by me at 30 without so much as a "Look out for me".  Pretend there is a solid double line painted on the trail and never swerve to the left. And monitor that mirror faithfully.  I have a Bell bell and use it often.  When kids are ahead, I ring the bell and yell out, "Ice Cream Man".  Parents laugh and ask for the flavor list.  Such disappointment when I tell them, "Only kidding".  But it gets their attention.  Any kind of flashing light front and rear let's others know your there.
  • Thanks all for your comments and suggestions! Glad to be in a "friendly" riding club!

  • not yet...supposed to be here this week. took over 5 weeks.
    looking forward to riding my new wheels!
  • got the rambler and have been riding on a regular basis. want to do a tire/wheel upgrade.

    need lowest gears on hills, back surgery and still not real strong.

    less bumpy ride... how about getting a lower gear sprocket?

    is the bigger 26 inch rear wheel worth the cost? Thanks...Pgailey

  • Thank you jamesr
  • If you are struggling to pedal in your lowest gear and the 20" wheel then going to a bigger wheel will make it worse. It will take more to turn it.
    I have a Rambler base and the best thing I did for the ride was get the 24" off road wheel set. It takes more to pedal up hill in the lowest gear but not too much, and the ride is WAY better. Don't worry about the more aggressive tread on the 24's. they do make a bit of noise but ride nice and smooth.
  • thanks gern...I decided to take jamesr suggestion...putting a new crank on the trike

    22-32-44  that should help going uphill

    and I will put the schwalbe big apple tires on to cushion the ride.

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