For sale: Plus-size wheelset and components for Rambler

I have available some larger wheels and related support hardware to help convert your Rambler to an all-roader and/or a "plus" (3-in wide tires) or "fat" (4-in tires) trike. The wheel set offered here is functionally similar to that offered by Terratrike in their 24” All-Road Wheel Package, but with handmade wheels and wider rims to accommodate wider tires if desired.

It's been a lot of fun trying different configurations on the Rambler.  It's a very versatile base for this, and considerably less expensive than dedicated fat-trikes that are showing up on the market.

Although I developed and tested this on a Rambler, I suppose these could be used on similar trikes also.

If any questions, please holler.



For sale here is everything needed to upgrade a standard Terratrike Rambler to a large-wheel, Plus/Fat trike.

Can be used with tires down to 1.9 in wide for fair-weather all-roading and/or more than 3 in wide for near or full-fat triking.


Plus Wheel package: $325
- Front wheels (2): Alex DX32 24” (ISO 507) rims; 36 spoke; Velocity front disc hub w/20 mm axle; dished 3 mm to retain near center-point steering
- Rear wheel (1): Sun-Ringle MTX39 26” (ISO 559) rim; 32 spoke; Shimano disc hub, Shimano/SRAM cassette compatible
- Rear fender: Planet Bike ATB; accommodates tires up to 2.3 in wide
- Front fenders: MuckyNutz Fat fender, with homemade mount assembly supported by Rambler handlebars
- Rear tire: Surly Dirt Wizard 26 x 2.75 plus tube; less than 200 miles
- Front tires (2): Felt Berm Master 24 x 3.0 plus tubes; less than 200 miles
- Terratrike Dropout Extensions to accommodate 26 x 3 or 24 x 4 tires in rear
- Front disc brake rotors: Avid G2 Cleansweep 160 mm

Option: add $100
- Fat front tires (2): Vee Mission 24 x 4.0 fat tires with tubes; less than 100 miles

Option: Add $75
Drivetrain upgrade to 9-speed rear drive:
- Rear derailleur: SRAM X-7 9-speed
- Shifter: SRAM X-7 9-speed twist gripshift
- 9-speed KMC chain
- Terratrike Deluxe 10-tooth return Idler assembly
- Cassette: 12-36t 9-speed (9-32 available as option)

Components are located in Madison, 
Prefer local sale, but will consider shipping at buyer’s cost.

Photos of these components on a Rambler can be found at:


  • RAY! That thing is sweet! 
    I work for TerraTrike and have seen a lot of interesting, and cool Trikes. This one is right on up there. 
    I'm sure you will have no issues getting rid of your Rambler! 
    Thanks for sharing! 
    TerraTrike - Customer Relations, Assembly, and Forum/ Facebook Administrator. 
  • Do you still have this
  • I'm guessing this package was sold long ago but what a great upgrade and price. 
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