i got a question

I showed my mom this bike and i told her that this is want i wanted for my birthday (i doubt she'll get it) but when looking at it she brought up a great question. I live at the top of a hill and we were wondering if riding up or down hill on this is more difficult than on a regular upright bike. We watched the demonstration video all you see is the people riding on level flat ground...


  • Riding uphill is more than possible. The ascend is a bit slower and usually where the upright bikes will pull ahead a bit. Although, as long as you get a trike that has the lower gearing, you will have no problems going up a hill. Since you don't have to worry about balance you can drop down into your lowest gear if you need to and climb as slowly as you want without having to worry about balance. You'll never have to hop off to walk your trike up a big hill!

    Riding downhill is a blast! You are lower to the ground and more aerodynamic. This is where you'll make up for your slower climb up the hill.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
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