Traveler verus Rambler.

Ant comments. Test rode the rambler and loved it, but wonder if a folder would be worth the extra money, Have a Saturn Vue, small SUV which the rambler fits into with seat lowered, but the idea of taking uo less space is attractive. But watching he folding video looks like folding is a pain.


  • The most difficult part of folding the Traveler is the seat removal.  Its an easy unbolt but a quick release would be better.  Also you will need to carry the seat as well as the folded Traveler, so account for it too.
    All and all I enjoy my Traveler very much but don't find the need to fold it often.    
  • I fold/unfold my traveler almost on a daily basis.  For me the folding option was a requirement so that it will fit in the back of an infiniti ex35 with the back seats up.  I would agree with vonklarp that the seat off/on is the most difficult.  But it is not real difficult...  It just takes me a few minutes to tear it down or put it back together.  So it was/is worth the cost for me.  And I am very happy with it.  I've not gone "long distance" with it, but went 16.5 miles Saturday and 13.5 Sunday on it and enjoyed every bit of it.
  • Today I tested the Gekko FX vice he Traveler. My decision is the Traveler. Steady ride, least shaky on never ruts and most better steering, love the tighter turning, less leaning required in turns at speed. Was planning on a rambler, but I could not climb our of the seat would have needed the versa bars. The Travler has a slightly different y frame under the seat letting me use the tires much easier.
  • No problem with climbing out of the Gekko  Although I expected the Gekko to be stiffer and more stable, found riding experience to be the unexpected. I found the Territrikes to be more stable. The Rambler has a bar as part of the frame just in front of the seat making it impossible for me to get my feet aft enough o stand. The traveler does not making climbing out using tires much easier. The lack of need of the Versa bars reduces the cost difference to $100 and to me the folding is worth it although the folding process of the territrike is much more complex than the gekko FX.
  • Well that makes it a $200 difference. Guess I have to decide whether having the option to fold if and when needed is worth it.
  • Also I do like the orange color of the Rambler so what better
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