2016 Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo

The 2016 Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and rodeo is off and running now. It will be held February 26, 27 and 28 in Austin, Texas at Easy Street Recumbents. The HOT is NOT a "ride". Instead, it is a 3 day celebration of recumbent riding and culture.  It includes three fun packed days - a Laid Back Social to meet and greet other recumbent enthusiasts, a ride around in circles at the Austin Veloway, a Recumbent University (to learn a thing or two about our bents), the much anticipated HOT Rodeo (you MUST watch the videos of the rodeo - TOO FUN for words), and a choice of four different ride levels for our Sunday casual ride. 

Warning: due to logistics, the HOT is limited to 100 participants. We roll out the red carpet for those who attend, and we just cannot do the kind of job we want to do when there are over 100 people. We opened registration for the HOT on February 18, and in 2 days we sold 36 tickets. Do not procrastinate if you are wanting to come to the HOT.

Check out our website at www.heartoftexasrecumbentrally.wordpress.com to get an eyeful of what the HOT is all about. Be sure and watch the videos from past HOTs to see for yourself the incredible experience attending the HOT is!
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