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I just bought a Rover 8i with SRAM G8 gars box. Third gear grinds ever time I shift there. The dealer walked me through adjusting it but did nit work. I turned the adjustment on the shifter to the left many times but did not help. Tried going the opposite way but did not help either. I think it is a factory defect. Dealer advised to check in here before I bring it back. The shop is a two hour drive from my home.


  • Be sure to stop pedaling while shifting. You will certainly have issues with your hub grinding if you continue to pedal while shifting. 

    To check the alignment of your rear hub display, shift the trike into 8th, then into 4th. Once in 4th check the window on the hub and you should see two yellow lines. If they aren't aligned, that would be the reason for your grinding. If it is aligned, it could be that you're shifting while pedaling, or the hub needs professional attention. 
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  • My Traveler SRAM 8 speed hub has the same issue to some degree.  It is properly aligned, I do stop pedaling while shifting and most certainly do when it starts to grind. This causes a degree of problems when I am stuck on a hill having come to a complete stop to shift.  I have replaced the shifter, but still broken.
  • My Rover 8 is less than a year old and I have issues with 3rd gear, also.  It's not grinding.  Instead, it sounds like the chain is jumping gears.  It doesn't happen in any other gear.

    When I just moved to south Florida, I had the bike packed for shipment.  I need to get it to a dealer for all-over adjustments.  I'll let you know if they find anything.
  • Chain jumping is a better description, 7th is the gear I have the most problems with. I have asked TT to come up with a solution, their first was to replace the shifter, which I did but it did not cure the problem.  I am also willing to consider the problem is me, but I still need a solution. 
  • Jamesr, the links above that I tried all said I don't have permission to view the page
  • Now I understand why SRAM discontinued the G8. Unfortunately for me, mine went belly-up and getting my Rover back on the street is going to be about 20% of it's original cost - unless I go one-speed. TerraTrike has been kind of helpful but, design engineers should select parts providers that will provide parts well beyond date of sale - unless three years is the designed life of these machines.
  • I had the same problem with my first hub and now a haveing the same problem with second one not a year old yet
  • CHICAGO, USA – SRAM will stop the production of the G8 and G9 gear hubs in its Dali facility in Taiwan. According to the component manufacturer this decision is, “Not related to any technical of quality issue but is the result of the current market situation.”

    . . . SRAM warrants its products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years after original purchase . . .

    so the question, folks, is what does sram have to say about your problems?

    my experience with shimano, sturmey, and derailleur hubs is no problem duplicating your complaint if proper shift cable length is not maintained.
  • As a side note, on my recent visit to TT headquarters, I discovered that the new 8 speed internally geared hubs on all the current crop of TT trikes are again shipping with the Shimano Nexus Inter-8 hubs! In my opinion, the best of the 3 TT has used.
  • Wished could swap mine, as shifting while not pedaling loses some momentum.

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  • I am going with a difference internal geared hub and that should been what I did in the first place
  • Traditionally Used Internally Geared Hubs Include:
    1. NuVinci Hubs
    2. Rohloff Hubs
    3. Shimano Hubs
    4. Sram Hubs
    5. Sturmey-Archer Hubs
    For the money and reliability, NuVinci 380 (~$350) is hard to beat for an internally geared hub. It has a gear range of 380% overall, meaning that its highest gear is 380% of its lowest gear. This hub works differently than the others, as it can be setup as a continual (within range) variable gears automatically?! They also have a NuVinci 330, and a now discontinued, yet possibly still available, NuVinci 360 hub. I'm told that the 380 hub not only covers a wider gear inch range, but it is also more durable then the 330 or 360.

    The Rohloff Speedhub is undoubtedly the cream of the crop with a whopping 14 evenly spaced gears to boot. And the Rohloff covers an amazing 526% gear range giving you really good gears for hill climbing and plenty for flats and downhill's! But at ~$1500, it's a bit pricey for most budgets - still, it's the one nearly everyone would choose if cost was no object).

    At ~$200 and good reliability, The 8 speed Shimano Nexus (307%) is what most bike & trike manufacturers currently (or at soon) use for 8 speed internally geared hubs. A nice feature of this hub is that you don't have to stop peddling to shift!
    Sram has announced they are ceasing production of their 8 speed IGH, and Sturmey-Archer has also ceased production of their 8 speed IGH.

    I am currently contemplating getting a 24" rim with a NuVinci 380 thereby giving me two different size wheels and hubs to accommodate either internal 8 hub I have on a TT Traveler and Rover. I should be able to get this through TerraTrike or from my local bike shop. The 24" setup would give me better capability for top-end speed especially on long flats. The 20" setup would better accommodate rides in hilly areas.

    Best of luck on whatever new internally geared hub you buy... please keep us informed on your experience and satisfaction.
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