Easy Front Fenders



  • Description says the bar holder and connector pivot.
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      Looked at the TT Deluxe Front Fender installation manual and I don't feel confident messing with the brake pads. http://www.terratrike.com/media/docs/DeluxeFenderInstallation.pdf

    So is there a way to get a step by step instructions with parts needed,
    photos and such for installing something for a 20 inch tired Rover?
    Like an Instructables version? 

    ¬ ITL
  • Gern...I have a Traveler and I really want to see your install photos and instructions.
  • I installed a set of the fenders as described earlier in this post on my tandem. (The ones gern came up with.) They work as well on it as on my Rambler!! I really like them and after a shakedown ride I tightened thing up. They stay right where I want them and don't cause trouble when laying the tandem on it's side to work on it!
  • Gern's set up looks like something I would like to duplicate.  Now for suggestions for a rear fender that is of matching appearance.  Any suggestions?
  • I guess I should have waited until looking on the Amazon link provided by Gern.  I see that there is both a front and a rear fender on the Amazon link.  Must be why my wife keeps telling me to be more patient.  :-(
  •   Don't think anyone posted how to make the rear fender work, since it requires a seat post.

    ¬ ITL
  • Actually, what you are supposed to do is use a front fender set and use the screw that screws the two halves together to mount it under a rack.  I tried it on mine.

    In the end I just bought the darned TT ones as a Christmas gift to myself.
  • Why would you need a rear fender?  I think of fenders as keeping spray off of you while riding.  Anything coming off the rear wheel would not hit you.  Is your interest in making all three wheels match?
  • Mud/water/debris from the rear wheel can get flung forward and hit your head. It also helps keep the back of the seat and any bags clean.

    - PaulNM
  • @Florida_bound, until you've had chunks of dog poo hit you in the back of the head (thunk, thunk, thunk) you wouldn't understand.
  • I don't ride in wet weather and avoid puddles.  And, fortunately, I've never seen dog poo on the path.  When I had to ride through water, I noticed it sprayed up on my forearms.  I thought spray from the rear tire would go to the back.

    Thanks for educating me!
  • The worse is goose crap after a rain.  I have a rear fender but my hands and wrists get whatever the front tires sling.
  • I rode in rain once last summer.  It was in the upper eighties.  The cool spry off the front wheels was actually refreshing.  But, I don't always expect that to be the case.  As for the rear wheel, when we rode the Silver Comet in Georgia last December, the trail was covered with pine needles and they were constantly hitting the back of our head.  Some, then, would work their way down inside the shirt.  In fact, one evening when I removed my underpants. lo and behold, there were more pine needles.  :-)    I know, TMI.  :-(
  • Those KMX bikes look . . . interesting
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