Cruiser For Sale Canton, Mi

Trike is in great shape. Low mileage. Several extras. I am female and 5'6, just to give you an idea of the boom size. It may be medium, but I'd have to double check for you. If you are interested let me know and I can let you know more of the specs. Looking for $1200. Not willing to ship...just don't know how I'd go about that. Contact Jamie:


  • I checked my paperwork and apparently my boom is marked (S) for small or short. I have an indoor trainer from that company that allows you to ride during the winter if you so choose, parking brakes, cat eye micro wireless, mount and swing grip, seat cushion, water bottle and cage, hanger for garage or storage, headlight, taillight, chain lube, comb. cable lock, adapter valve stem, flag extension, couple of flags, safety reflector vest, power grip pedals, bag - upper back seat, tool kit, mini pump,extra tube,mirror. Also, bag to cover in storage.
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