Frame twist at the rear yoke/fork

Has any one experienced a side to side motion much like tire flex. looks like it's coming from the area around the fork for the rear wheel.


  • I checked the rear wheel for loose spokes and alignment, I also run about 80 lbs pressure in the tire and a 110 in the front. Good suggestion on the twisting action. This all started when I moved my seat back and realigned the front wheels with a little tow in (one sixteenth. I never noticed it before may be because the trike is so much easier to ride now. By the way am nearly 76 years old and weigh about 240. I have only been riding for about a year and have 2500 miles on the trike. I cruise about 14 mph. any suggestions will be much appreciated
  • I made a gauge that fits the rim. It locates the center of the wheel so I can check front and back for parallel with the datum, that being the frame. Once complete it is just a mater of bringing in the front wheels to the tow in position. Works like a champ. Takes about ten minutes. Theses Trikes are very responsive any way so it doesn't take much to make them feel sguirrely. With out tow in they don't ride right and they will scrub the tires. It took me doing this on my own because the dealer and the manufacture told me to have zero tow in witch if you think about it doesn't make sense.
  • The reason you were told to have "0" TOE-IN, (please note it is not "tow-in") is due to your weight. I have a rambler and weigh a bit more than you. Because of our weight, the wheels will toe-in naturally when we sit on the thing. This is because of the frame flexing under our weight. Lighter folks need the toe-in because they don't flex the frame as much. Too much toe-in results in more squirrel-like handling, and much quicker tire wear.Your front tires will be seriously scrubbing all the time. Take it back to "0" toe-in and try it. If that doesn't work, you can always put the toe-in back.
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