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First my name is Ed and we live in Traverse City, Mi.  One year ago I had a posterior cervical lamenectomy surgical procedure on my c-3,4,5,6,7 and two fusions. With that my range of motion is limited vertically and some to each side.  I'm still in PT and have some lingering issues with my muscles in my upper back ( trapizoids) and assiciated pain when they tighten. My conventional bike riding days are over and my wife still rides distance so I'd like to think a trike may be my answer. Other than the surgery I'm in very good physical health.

I plan to rent a bike locally but I'm concerned a short rental may not provide enough seat time to let me decide if the trike is the correct way to go.

Is there anyone in this forum with similar upper back or neck issues that could give me thier experience with these trikes ?

Do all models have the same range of seat adjustment ?

Are the handgrips positioned to prevent the rider from bowing their back vertically and horizontally across the shoulders ?

Is the 26" rear wheel a good purchase ?

Thanks you,




  • Hi Ed,
    After a mild stroke, 1 year ago, I have some balance issues. I bought a Rambler Base (24spd) and added the 24" all road wheels and Versa Bars. The bigger wheels and fatter tires greatly improved the ride quality as well as moving the seat 2" higher from the ground. Doesn't sound like much, but it did make a difference. I came up with different a type of fenders for the front wheels, so I added the Versa Bars. They made getting in and out a HUGE amount easier.
    I hope this helps.
    Regards, Jim
  • I want to thank every one for their thoughts. I'm going to do a long rental and see how things work out. The 26" rear wheel may not be a good decision since we do have some hilly roads here.


  • A bike shop in Suttons Bay has a selection of Terratrikes and I took a short demo ride in a Sportster today. I was very suprised at how well it rode and the comfort level for maybe a two mile ride.Thet rent rovers and monday I plan to rent one for two hours, do a ride and see how things feels afterwards.

    Can anyone explain the difference between a Sportster and Zoomer ? Appears the Zoomer has a narrower track. Since they are now making Zoomers again and the price is good they and the Sportster are my considerations.


  • From one Ed to another, I can say the Rover has been a gift sent from the gods! I am a Master plumber with 29 years of injuries ranging from both feet crushed and rebuilt, broken neck (6th vert is crumbling), back muscle damage with degenerative disc disorder and an electrocution with flatline. I thought my bike riding days were over but the Rover has been a joy. There is no comparison between any upright bike and a Terratrike. I am now once again able to join the family, grand daughter included, in weekly cycling adventures and they are all jealous of my silver bullet! Feel secure in purchasing one, they are a true revolution in the cycle world.

    Ed Swiger

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    I want to again thank everyone for their replie and experiences. I will be picking up a used zoomer this Sat.
  • Got the Zoomer yesterday and have taken two rides. Everything is great, seat very comfy, shifts good. Steering is a bit sensitive but gets better, basically you lean into the turn and you hands react.


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