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Well folks, I have decided to enter the world of recumbents (hopefully) by getting my hands on a couple of modified Path 8's made by Utah Trikes to support a cycling adventure that I plan to take. Still considering a tandem, but I think I have fully talked myself into 2 because of later practicality. I do have just a few questions though. What on hand spares would you deem essential for a 2,000 mile journey during the winter months? Based off the base Path 8 gearing what would you deem an average rate of travel with a 50 pound load with consistent steady cadence? I know this is kind of a loaded question based off fitness level, but worth a shot. Also, any words of wisdom to pass along? If you guys at TerraTrike would like we would be happy to pass along some pictures of our adventure once it is complete, just be aware it's around 5 months away or so. We also are thinking about a book idea of our trials and tribulations if there deems to be interest in it. It's guaranteed to have a lot of pictures, lol. Either way, I look forward to joining the community.

Anyone interested in helping us fund our trip can check out our fundraising site below! We would love the support and will use them to their extent! Also, anything we receive that does not directly relate to this trip will be donated to an environmental organization. I have one in mind, but I don't know if I am allowed to use their name, but I will hold all documentation to prove where every dime goes.


  • As far as spares go I suggest a couple idlers, tubes, and a chain tool (unless you are using something other than the stock single speed chain, then you should carry a couple sets of chain masterlinks, as well).

    We always love receiving pictures from happy trikers!
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
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