Trikes for Sale

We have a Tour and a Sportster for sale, used one season, ridden over the Twin City bike trails when we lived in MN... Stored for the last three.... Pricing flexible, will be road worthy at time of sale ( i.e. Serviced by our local bike shop).... No issues with trikes except that they've been carefully stored for last three seasons (indoors)..... Nice opportunity to acquire a TerraTrike below market....


  • What is your asking price for them?
  • Where are you?  What are your prices?
  • Sorry about the delay in response.... 1) price is negotiable - not trying to play games, just want to work out a mutually good deal and find good homes for the trikes. We live in Racine, WI... 70 miles north of Chicago, 20 miles south of Milwaukee. With further interest you can use for contact. Regards!
  • I am very interested in the Tour, I live in the St Paul area, are they still for sale


    Dan 6512741439 text me

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