Noob questions: e-bike, NuVinci, etc.

I consider purchasing a Rambler. This would be my first trike. I want to get back into biking for health reasons.
As I understand it the Rambler supports up to 350lbs.
The bike I used to have was a 36 (?) speed; and I hated shifting, maintenance and the chain jumping off.
The NuVinci looks like a good option; less maintenance; smooth shifting; no chain to worry about.
I would also want to (retro-)fit the trike with an e-bike kit.
Any feedback is appreciated!




  • Ahoy, thank you all very much for your thoughtful and detailed responses. I'll have to check out the other threads here and forums Elrique64 mentioned.
    My initial thoughts are that I am more interested in a system that would help me pedal, rather than something akin to a electric motor bike, so I will start with that. Based on the common consensus here, it seems weight and positioning of the battery is a real concern. How about the Ridekick; jamesr are you saying this is not a real proven solution or just frowned upon by others?
    I do live in the PNW so "moisture" is going to be an issue, because I would like to be able to trike in light rain, although not necessarily in an outright downpour.
    Btw, according to the write-up here ( the new 2015 Rambler models should support up to 350lbs, although the TerraTrike website still lists the specifications as 300lbs.

  • Thanks a lot guys! I got my homework cut out.

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