Homemade Cargo Rack for Tour

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I build wooden kayaks as a hobby, so employing some of those skills and materials, I built this "woody" cargo rack for my Tour.  The wood is saturated in marine grade epoxy to make it weatherproof.  The frame is half inch baltic birch and the top tray is Okoume ply, marine grade, encased in fiberglass/epoxy for strength.  Everything is finished with spar varnish finish to protect it from UV.




  • Yes, very nice.
  • I am in love of your carried I want one.....

  • Thanks for the kind words.

    I've discovered an unexpected benefit from the cargo rack.  Since mounting it, the seat back has been rock-solid stable and the "wag" I used to notice at high speeds downhill, or when really pushing hard uphill, is virtually gone.  The added  support of the rack's frame has cancelled the slight torquing of the seat back and focused the force of peddling to the center of the rear wheel.
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