Oh, It does happen....

        Made it out 2 times to ride today. I have not rode anything in at least 4 years. This mornings trip was a straight forward ride with some issues. I rode about a half mile then when I cross the main street the next home area is unpaved roads. Had to get off and walk in 2 spots due to getting stuck and when I returned I had to leave the main ave I was going to try because I just do not like very busy roads and having to take the road. Unfortunately when I turned onto the street to come back to the ave i went out on it became a sand pit. So I had to push the trike with my dog in the basket for about 2/10 mile.
I got home showered and rested.
     Later I went to go out about 5 o'clock and found I had a flat in the rear wheel.
So took it off and went to the local MTN bike shop. They don't fix flats but will sell you a new tube ???
Whats with that. In any even when I got the trike they gave me 2 patch kits. unfortunately I did not have tools to remove the tire safely or a pump. SO I purchased both and went home. I repaired the tire and blew it back up. Did not check the tire pressure with a gauge yet. And off I went for a ride around my area again. This time staying on the paved roads. Road about 4-5 mile all told today. And hoping tht the trikes tires will stay filled up tonight.

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