wrist pain

I have not road a trike or bike in a long time so I think the pain I have in my wrist if due to twiisting the gear changer. Nothing major since as I sit here and tye I am on but it does have a bit of soreness that I have noticed.


  • I rode almost 15 mile all told yesterday and the pain is better today ...So I think some of it is that I just have not used those muscles in a long time...been considered disabled since 11995 , due to neck and shoulder pain. No way do I wish to not be able to lie back when I get tired or start hurting too much.. 

  • I get some wrist pain from repetitive use of the door handles that have a long piece of metal out to the side.  A normal door knob is round and the motion to open that door is much different.  I spent many years bowling several times a week and now get numbness driving long distances.  I have had wrist problems for a while.  However, I haven't had any pain riding my Rover.
  • I'm sure you could get a wrist brace at your local pharmacy. That might help stabilize it, and help with the pain if it continues to be an issue.
  • I too used to bowl. But I bowled right handed. My pain is in my left wrist. So I think it's from my years of not using it.

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