Did something foolish

Ok so this morning I change out the rear tire and tube. mounted a holder for my galaxy note 3 but waited till this evening to take another ride.
I unlocked the trike. Moved it to a spot where it was east to get on. Put my dog in the milk crate I mounted to the rear carrier and mounted the bike. I struggled to peddle it out to the street. The driveway is about 75 feet from the street and dirt. I was thinking maybe I was in too high a gear and got the trike into it's lowest gear. I wondered if I made a mistake changing to this tire. Climbed the bike onto the asphalt and turned it to go along the street.....Then I realized I had the right parking brake on. Sheeeshhhhhhh. Oh well ! I removed the brake and even though I was huffing and puffing it was very easy to pedal with the new tire.
               Note to self. Turn the brakes off then pedal.
Made 4.85 miles. My area is pretty flat. Though we do have a lot of wind, and often.
I averaged 7.1 mph. but did not immediately turn the program off when I stopped.
Hopefully I will get to 100 mile before the next flat.


  • Been there done that! I live in Kansas and one of the best things about my Rambler is how it goes against wind! Windy days no longer keep me home like they used to! But, wind and a locked brake???!!! LOL
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