Seat bolt gets loose

Does anyone have this problem? My seat bolt (the one that holds the seat to the mount on the frame under the seat) keeps working itself loose. I tend to forget to check it and only notice it when the ride gets squirrelly. Is there a way to lock it or does anyone have some help to offer other than remembering to check it daily? I ride daily, commuting to work and also for pleasure/extracise. :))  


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    Use Loc Tite Blue. This has happened on both my and my wife's Ramblers. It taught me a lesson. Now I check the bolts , all of them , once a week.
  • I had been wondering if blue loctite would work. Thank you! I will buy some and use it. Thanks again!
  • I was down to every 10 miles and they worked loose. Completely tore the threads out of block on one side. Replaced the clamp (warranty) and was very careful on the tightening sequence. I tightened both seat bolts then snugged the top single clamp bolt, then tightened the lower two clamp bolts, finally tightened the top clamp bolt. Last I checked all bolts. I have ridden 500 miles and they have not come loose.
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