Where do you tend to ride ??

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while iI have never truly been a cyclist, I, spent a lot of time as a young adult on a bike. When I was 18 I would ride about 20 miles a day to either fly model airplanes , or fish. Both locations were 9 or 10 mile trips from home.

So i'm wondering where most cyclists tend so place there gearing as they ride their Rambler. My area is fairly flat. Though MYR tells me my altitue varies by almost 100 ft..
I find when I am going into the wind I usually am around the small front bgeasr and 3 or 4 on the rear. When I get to go the opposite I am comfortabe on the middle front gear and 7 or 8 on the rear.
It was also hotter than it has been here.
MYR= map your ride


  • Basically, wonding what gear you spend most of your time in.

  • Usually the middle ring in front and 3 or 4 in the back. That would be sort of an average tho. Also this may change as I am going to start working on my cadence. I may even get a new bike computer that shows the cadence. \:D/
  • I mostly ride on the local trails right by my house. I just have to go .3 mi down a rural road to access a 100 mi. trail system. About 90% of the trails are asphalt and the others are crushed limestone. They are all interconnected. http://mcttrails.org/

    Since my in-laws live in Florida we go there for 2 weeks every winter and ride the Withlacoochee trail.
    John Werner
    Rover Tandem Alfine 11 /w IPS
  • Sorry, I thought you wanted to know the places where I ride. Most of my riding is flat and I am a spinner so tend to not use real low or high gears mostly the mid-range.
    John Werner
    Rover Tandem Alfine 11 /w IPS
  • right now I have no idea what my cadence is...Hoping to find that out soon.

  • I use all my gears (Rambler 24sp). I start each ride getting out of a basement garage18' lift in 80' to get to street level. Then I have 5 Rail Road overpasses within 2 miles, most have a 40' rise in 2 blocks. Worst one is 5 blocks long with 55' rise from a new Arena area, it's a real pain. Most I can get a run at them and can get up with front high & rear 4th or 5th and 8th on the down hill. Fastest I have had it was 29 with a good half mile gradual down hill.
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