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Wife and I have a new TerraTrike Rover recumbent tandem and really enjoy it, however it is geared just a little to high for our use. We do not need to go fast most of the time and seldom use the highest gear (8). I have a 25tooth sprocket on the sturmy archer internal gears and a chainring gear of 34 teeth.  Is there any place I could order or have made a 30 tooth rear sprocket for our recumbent trike just to give us a little more low range?
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  • Where could I find a 28t chain ring?
  • Thanks guys for the info. I will check these other places. I did search the inet and find some info, but was never able to find the correct sprockets. My chain ring is a 5 bolt pattern and as near as i can tell it measures 105 to 110 mm from center bolt hole to center bolt hole. I cannot find any numbers on the ips. I did think the bike was assembled as a stock terra trike when I bought it. Dealer could not find my parts at a quick inet search and I have not checked with him recently.
  • Amazon has several chain rings listed for your 5 bolt pattern and spacing. You'll have to do some searching on the ones that indicate multiple sizes, but I think you'll find a front chain ring to meet your needs. Also, chain rings are usually stamped with their tooth number and bolt spacing. Look for this on the outer portion just below the teeth.
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     110mm bcd or standard mountain bike/ compact road rings are available just about anywhere bikes are sold. You can buy square taper cranksets and 110mm bcd chainrings used on ebay for next to nothing allowing you to change the chainrings and to fine tune your gearing
  • I see most of the answers here are by people who have no actual experience or knowledge. (Yes I do own the Rover tandem with IPS) You can not change the front chainring on the IPS as it is 110bcd which can mount a minimum chainring of 33 teeth. Stock ring is 34 teeth, so 33 isn't much help. You can mount a Patterson drive on the Captain position only which helps the captain but not the stoker. You will need to get your gear change in the rear to benefit both Captain and stoker. I had a Sturmey-Archer dual drive available so I mounted that with a Shimano megarange 8 speed cassette which gives a low of 14 gear inches. Used a "Problem Solvers" Derailleur hanger.

    However if you have the Rover without IPS you have more options.... 

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