How do you "walk" a terratrike?

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Hello folks,

I am new to this forum ... and a terratrike - I just bought a used one yesterday and haven't tried it out on our bumpy back roads yet (needs a little work on a sticky gear shifter). I am wondering how you could walk the trike if it became necessary?

I'll be checking the trike out on our rocky road later today. If my brains don't get scrambled from extreme bouncing I'll be really happy! ;)


  • Just pick up the rear wheel and "tow" it backwards.

    Is that what you mean by "Walking"?
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  • Thanks for the reply! I did discover how to do it yesterday ... I needed to walk it up a couple of places. Pretty easy to walk it!! We live and ride on steep, gravelly roads. Yesterday I had a terrible time spinning my back wheel anywhere it was very steep. I got a knobby mt. bike tire for the back and just tried it out. It was a great improvement but still spun a lot. I'll ask about that in another thread.

    Thanks again!
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