Hitch mounted trike carriers

I need to buy a hitch mounted trike carrier for a tour II. I
have researched 2 different manufactures that seem competative. The first is Cycle Simplex 1 trike
hitch carrier is $274. The second is Sunlight recumbent hitch carrier that
carries 1 recumbent trike and 1 upright for $328. Has anyone used either of
these and what did you think of them. Lifting a recumbent trike up on the roof
of a vehicle just isn’t in my future. I cannot find any reviews for Cycle
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  • Check the post titled Roof Carrier from a week or 3 ago. A few people have used generic, modified cargo carriers from Harbor Freight or standard bike racks with the trike mounted vertically. Just a thought and might be worth a read. I also saw a custom built trike rack on Craigslist. . .
  • Thank you for the information, I will check out the leads above.
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