Schlumpf HSD

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What if any modifications need to be made to the frame of the Path, Cruiser or Tour for the installation of the Schlumpf HSD?

The reasons for this question are somewhat long and convoluted.

I am of the opinion that the HSD is one of the more needed upgrades for trikes because of their relatively small wheels. Both my wife and I are planning to acquire trikes in the spring of 2010 and plan to do some mid-range touring next summer and perhaps longer tours in the years after that.

Will my semi-LBS be able to perform the installation or is it best to have them order the trike with the HSD pre-installed (I assume that TerraTrike can perform this)? I am not sure that my LSB has the confidence to do this if machining or major mods need to be made.

If it is easy to install at a later date I would do that and have my LSB order a Tour now, otherwise, I would have them order a Path-8 or a Cruiser with the HSD and upgrade to better components later. Can the stock Path-8 internal gearing handle the torque of a HSD?

Thank you in advance for answering some or all of these questions, I fairly certain that I will have more and more questions as time goes by.


  • Unless your LBS has prior experience with a Speed Drive or High Speed Drive AND have the proper tools to modify the frame and install the SD/HSD, we highly recommend and prefer the modification is done by us. It is a difficult task without plenty of experience.

    Yes, our Path 8speed can handle a modification of a SD or HSD.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • Thank you for that information, it was very helpful.
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