Tadpole for a special needs kid

I have a KMX K-Kart we bought used for my son.  7 speed, adjustable boom and will fit a kid from 4 to 14 years old.  My son has aspergers syndrome (high functioning autistic) with gross motor skill issues; he can balance and steer on a scooter, he can peddal and steer on my neighbour's peddal car, but he can't peddal, balance and steer all at the same time.  He loved his K-Kart, but he has since outgrown it.  I let him ride my Rambler now.

We're looking for a new home for his old trike and he would like it to go to a kid who can't ride a 2 wheeler.  It's a black 1st generation KMX K-Kart, original wheels, original front tires, drum brakes in front with standard pads on the rear, small tear in the seat, an aftermarket seat-back (one of those office chair lumbar thingies), an aftermarket rear rack, a bald rear tire (he liked to skid), reflective stickers, flag and a front/rear lightset.

If anyone knows of a good home for this old trike with a lot of life left in her. . .  Please reply to this post or message me directly.



  • If you don't find a home for it with a special needs kid, let me know. I may buy it from you. It is a very nice gesture trying to find a home for it as you described.
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