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OK, about ready to quit messing with Freedom's layouts for the year.  Promised you guys some pictures, so here they are:  (Cell phone photos.  These weren't taken with my Nikon, as RideWithGPS figures a 24MP image is too big and I didn't feel like messing with resizing...)

Full shot:  image

Sort of a close up of the motor and crank mods under the seat:


Current batter mount:  (Not at all happy with this, BTW.)


Left side handle bar with the Bafang Control Head:  (That's a TerraCycle vertical Cockpit Mount.)


Semi-close up of the Hall Sensor brake sensor.  Notice the red light is on, meaning the brake is pulled:  (Locked.  And those are the stock brakes still, BTW.)image

Left side of the Bafang Mount.  This is a complete new crank bracket to mount the motor on, and it's under the boom:  (This created some chain line issues.)


The power connection from the battery:


Showing the TerraCycle under seat side mount for cargo.  The bag is an Arkel small handle bar bag, and is just large enough to fit a Nikon D7100 with battery grip and the Nikon 28-200 zoom lens:image

Where I mounted the idler.  This has WAY too much flex.  When I really need to get after the pedals it flexes and the chain still rubs on the frame.  I have something new on the way and should have this changed out soon:image

That's it for now.  These photos all came from my Ridewithgps ride from yesterday.  If there's any problems viewing them let me know and I'll try figuring out something different.

Later all!

But what do I know...  I'm the guy what wears blue jeans and a tee-shirt with slippers and a ball cap (with an ever present VFW pin in the bill) to ride 20-30 miles...  :)


  • What a set up!

    I have a question.  Would that center conversion from a smaller crank to a larger one work even without the motor?  That would solve my problem of being topped out in 8th gear.

    I would suggest you switch to nylon straps instead of those bungee cords.  They get stretched and start to fail.  I'd hate to see you lose all your batteries.
  • Very nice.
  • It would, actually, but there are a few other considerations....  This also seemed to lower the gear range as well as raise it, if that makes any sense...  I haven't found a really good gear calculator for having a middle transmission, and I'm not worried enough to figure the things out myself....

    First off, you would need to make a bracket for a pedal shaft just as I did.  Then you would need to decide if you wanted another shifter or even 2. 

    If you go with more shifters, you're going to need derailleurs/tensioners to take up the slack. 

    I suppose it's possible to put a IGH in that position, and used the hub disk brake mount for another chain ring, sprocket, and then go with another transmission to get the chain back to the right side of the trike....  Humm...  This does open up some interesting possibilities...  :)

    Other trike makers do something like this already, some of them have gearing up to 192 gears or more...  (8 back, 8 middle and 3 front.)  Shifting gets really complicated then, I'm sure....

    And yes, I'm going to do something different with the battery.  That under seat side bag bracket is going to get another on the other side, with 2 supports instead of the one, and then going to mount the battery plate on it.  Placing the order for them tomorrow, so I hope to get them soon.

    The options for what you can get for gearing/transmissions on these trikes are actually pretty good.  the only limitations are how you can put things together, and what arrangements you want to do.  You are going to have to do the fabrications your self or have someone make the parts for you.

    But what do I know...  I'm the guy what wears blue jeans and a tee-shirt with slippers and a ball cap (with an ever present VFW pin in the bill) to ride 20-30 miles...  :)
  • nice build. i like your bracket. lot of travail but you gotta be wearing a grin cruising along.

    thanx for posting pix. will probably head that direction for the rover next project. the magic pie5 goes on the rambler for the moment - no 14mm axle horizontal derailleur hangers in sight and boring out the terratrike hanger bothers me with so little metal left,
  •   Ordered a seat bag, and rear derailleur hanger.

      Am still looking for a better way of carrying the JBL Flip 3 speakers, and the bag might help if I can fabricate and sew on some straps. Might be able to carry it inside, though that might cut down on the bass reflex speakers some. Will have to wait until next week - though will probably be raining.

     ¬ Trekkin' in Payette, ID
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