Just a question about tires...

I was having problems with the stock tires because here where I am in southern california we have goat heads galore plus other tire tube shreading plant stuff. I'm curious how long do tires last in general ?


  • I was wondering how many miles one would or could expect to get on a set of bicycle tires....
  • Toe-in is critical. I took out a set of marathons in 300 miles. I thought the bike was set up right, was toe-out 1/2". I realigned with 1/32" toe-in, made a complete difference. I got over 1600 miles on the next set. I just replaced to the 24" package. I will be putting a set of marathons on it shortly.
  • MY FIRST SET OF MARATHONS LASTED 500 mi. BAD AlIGNMENT. replaced with 100 # Schwalbe's. I rotated them a 2K mi. and now have over 4 K on them. and still looking good. I do keep an eye on the toe in and adjust it as ness. The 100 LB Schwalbe 26" rear is original and looking good.@4800 mi
    Now, I ride on the Wabash Cannonball trail in northwestern Ohio. Flat and straight
    and smooth asphalt!
  • Had Schwalbe Road Cruisers on my 2016 Rover. Thought things were going okay, learning numerous things the hard way since the bike shop in La Grande did not have much of anything set-up correctly on the trike I bought.
    The tires did not last much longer than 120 miles when I noticed weird tread wear.

    This is when I found out the wheels were out of alignment. Changed the way I measured and used stiff fiberglass rod cut to length. Got the wheels aligned, and used blue Loctite on the tie rod ends.

    Did some research since Idaho has vicious gothead issues. Marathon Plus tires came highly recommended for both on and off road trails. These are heavier, and they have a thicker thorn protection. Not had a flat yet.
    Bought 3 Marathon Plus from BikeTiresDirect.com which were shipped out under $100, they were regularly $54.99, I got them for $30.82 each. :)

    So far have 350 miles on these and they ride great over every surface I've taken them on. Do occasionally wished the rear tire was wider for more shock absorption, but not at the risk of having less thorn protection.

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    We have the same "goathead" problem in New Mexico. That's why many mtn bikers go tubeless, and either seal their rims and then run tires tubeless with Slime/ Revo/Stans, or their own concoctions for sealing the goatheads holes. I used the "split tube" method on mine, with 20 " tubes on my 24" wheels changed to Kenda Small Block 8 tires which are thicker sidewalls and tread than the OEM Schwalbe Smart Sams. Some of my riding is on dirt roads.Ran Slime tubes and Mr. Tuffy in my 26" wheels on my mtn bikes for 8 years never had a flat. So went tubeless with my Trike!
    The left tire is the Small Block 8 the rt tire is the OEM Smart Sams. I hadn't changed all three yet. Now they are.
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