Need better traction on steep gravel and sand

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I have only had my used terratrike for a couple of days now. We live and ride on steep, gravelly roads. Yesterday I had a terrible time spinning my back wheel anywhere it was very steep. I got a knobby mt. bike tire for the back and just tried it out. It was a great improvement but still spun a lot. Anyone have any ideas on improving it further? (It must be heaven to ride on a paved road!)


  • I'm suprised there hasn't been a reply in all this time. Here's some thoughts.

    With a trike all the weight is on the front wheel and your driving wheel is on the back. It is normal when trying to crank up a hill or put a lot of power into the pedals that you lean forward... which takes more weight off of your driving wheel. Logic then offers few suggestions
    1. lean back as much as you can going up hill or in sand.
    2. get a rack and pannier to increase weight on the back tire.

    I'm running out of suggestions. We are fortunate in that we can just avoid our sandy roads or take the diamond frame bikes when we ride there.

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