Path, Cruiser and Tour Frames

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Are there any fundamental differences in the frames for the Path, Cruiser and Tour?

I am thinking that the Path3 would make an ideal starting point for upgrades/modifications (plus I like the color). In particular I would be considering a Schlumpf HSD and also a Nuvinci CVP hub.

I plan on ordering my trike through a local bike shop, and I understand that it would be best for TerraTrike to install the HSD but would you also be able to take care of a request for a Nuvinci CVP hub when the LBS makes my order for me?


  • The Cruiser and Tour frames are the same. The difference between the Cruiser/Tour frame and the Path frames are: the Path frame dropouts are spaced wider (allowing for the internal hub), there are no cable stops for a front derailleur, and the Path8 does not have a rear derailleur hanger.

    Yes, we can install a Nuvinci hub for you.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • Thanks Jess, once again you have been quite helpful. My plans are now starting to solidify.
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