Bike Helmet - Easy fasten/unfasten chin strap

Seems like I read a forum entry somewhere about a person who did not have the hand strength to unhook a chin strap on a standard bike helmet.  Most helmets require that you be able squeeze in strongly to unhook a bike chin strap.  My two helmets require a very strong pinching motion to unhook them.  It never occurred to me that someone else would have this sort of concern.

I was in Walmart looking at all the bicycle accessories and wondering what I could use on my Rambler.  Among the group of helmets I noticed a Schwinn Adult Hybrid Helmet.  The strap connection is magnetic.  It pops right into place and appears to be quite secure if you try to pull it apart, but if you push it to the side it comes apart without a great deal of force.  I think they have figured out another way to make a chin strap fastener that's easy to operate.

If you are reading this post and see one of these helmets in a store please check it out.  Examine it, tug on it, test it and see what you think.  I was time limited and didn't think, at that moment, about posting this to a forum.  When I go back I'll certainly do some more research and add my thoughts.  If one of these makes it easier and safer for a trike rider then I've done a good deed for sure!  8-) 


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    Nutcase ( makes an awesome helmet with a magnetic clasp. They are a little pricey at $60 - 70, but to me it was worth it for the no pinch factor and the cool factor (their helmets are definitely not the normal style). The Nutcase clip works the same way the Schwinn helmet clip works. Easy on, easy off and no pinch.
  • Those Nutcase helmets are certainly splashy as seems to be the trend.  The Schwinn looked more like the standard helmet, and if I remember correctly, they were much less expensive.  If you're not in your second childhood you'll probably prefer the standard helmet style.  To everyone his/her choice!  The sky's the limit.
  • If you consider $60-70 pricey consider what your undamaged skull is worth,
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    UPDATE:  I was in the Fayetteville, AR, Walmart yesterday.  They do have a Schwinn Adult Hybrid Helmet with a clip that snaps into place magnetically.  Once hooked I could not pull it apart.  To unhook it all you had to do was grasp the buckle and push it sideways.  It opened very easily.  When hooked I pulled on it very strongly and it would not come apart.  It sells for $35 here.

    This helmet, compared to two other Schwinn helmets I've had for several years, looks very well built, has absorbent panels, has a nice shiny color scheme and a built on visor for a extra bit of sun protection.  If I didn't already have two helmets I would have bought that one yesterday.

    The thought never occurred to me that someone would have a problem with those regular helmet clasps that do take hand strength to unfasten.  This helmet has solved that problem.
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