New high for me....

I finally made it out for a short ride . Went 3.088 miles. My high point was hitting 19.4 miles an hour. Yes it was down hill with a tail wind but I have that most days. It is still kind of hot and the current temp is around 92 no clue on the humidity.... Its one of those days you can just feel the heat coming off of the blacktop.


  • Good job. I did 18 mph yesterday, and it was starting to feel a bit squirely, so I backed off and slowed down.
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    Also I made a slight adjustment on toe in. I think i am closer to being correct now. I think it was still slightly toed out before.
  • If there are bugs on your teeth you're a happy rider (Yeah, old joke...)

    At 20 mph the steering on my Rambler gets twitchy, my knuckles turn white, and I slow down.  I need to check the toe in.  I softened the steering response a bit so input wouldn't be so sudden, but steering is still twitchy at high speed.

    I bought some stands so I could put some lube on the chain and discovered something else.  The 26" rear tire wobbles laterally and is out of round by as much as 3/8" or more.  The wheel is running true, but the tire is wacky.  I've got a note in to the company but haven't heard back yet.  

    My left front tire is bit wobbly also and its tiny strip, I think it's called the "hair", wore off more quickly than the right front.  I know that's an indication of the toe in being off.  Now that I can the put the trike up on stands I can work on that.  I still don't like the tire being wobbly.  I would think the wobble would affect tire wear as well.  I think it's a Schwable QC issue, not Terra Trike.

    I can't do much about bugs in my teeth 8-], but I did get a pair of wrap around, clear safety glasses from Harbor Freight for $1.99 (sun glasses when appropriate).  The last thing I want is getting stuff in my eyes while zipping down a hill catching bugs in my teeth.  KnowWhutIMean Vern?

    ebonbetta, I bought my Rambler GT the week after your first post.  Here in NW Arkansas it was being typical sunny August weather, high 80s and low 90s, and humidity that made sweat drip off the end of your nose.  In fact I took a paper towel, folded it down and put it inside the front of my helmet to keep the sweat out of my eyes. And even when I picked up speed it felt like I was riding in a blast furnace.

    I tried to start my rides early, but the temps soon went up there to just shy of unbearable.  After a good sunburn I started using sun screen and got some tan.  I never thought about it, but your legs are now exposed like brats on a grill.

    Would I change anything?...naw, I just like riding.  The transition from 2 wheels to 3 was just kind of natural.  Well, okay, maybe the bone spurs in my shoulder had something to do with it.  Less pain is good.  A couple of years previous a dealer brought some trikes to a senior expo and I rode one all around the convention center.  I never forgot that experience.

    As the weather cools I'll ride more and more as we now have a huge system of multi-use paths here.  Day before yesterday I did 24 miles and just like my new found acquaintance, Elrique64, I carry tools and first aid gear in case I have to render assistance.  As a ham operator I can also radio for help if necessary.  

    Some of the path areas are pretty remote, but I do have a concern with being able to report exactly where I am at any one point on the trail.  It's marked with only markers for each mile.  I think it would be better marked at tenths of a I go thinking like an emergency responder again. ;-)
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    TrikesterHal You should check the tire on your rear wheel it sounds like it is not seated properly. This can be very dangerous as it may cause the tire to blow off the rim. There is a mark just above the bead on bike tires that usually rests just above the edge of the rim. check to see if there is an area on your tire where the line disappears under the edge of the rim. If so deflate the tire and try to work the tire so the line is even all the way around. Failing that partially inflate the tire and see if you can get the bead to seat. Finally sometimes over inflating the tire will pop the bead on but go slow and then let some air out till you reach the proper pressure. 

    When I started riding my rambler I was very unsure of myself and over gripped on down hills. I did the same and tightened up the steering  making a bit less responsive. After a couple weeks I got used to the handling of the trike and learned to relax and enjoy the downhills. 
  • jeffacme, you've given me some things to check that hadn't yet occurred to me.  I didn't see anything wrong with how the tire is seated but I'm definitely going to check that thing.  I've got 164 miles on it and I weigh 260 so I would think that sucker would have popped by now. 8-)  I've hit bumps, possibly a rattlesnake and potholes as well.  In the morning I'll check for sure.  I wonder if that rattlesnake bit my tire, do you think?  They have no sense of humor.  The wheel itself is running true so it's gotta be something with the tire.

    When I got it the steering was pretty tight and input made it respond instantly.  I found loosening it helped me to control it better.  On the other hand, I'm thinking the toe in could be a big part of how it is responding.  Seems like every day I'm learning something new about that beast. And yes, Elrique64, I saw that You Tube video from TT about adjusting the toe in with the riders weight.  I'll definitely take that into account when I adjust.

    Normally when I ride I wear a nice pair of sport wraparound sunglasses because I like my eyes protected from the side as well as the front.  I'll wear the clear ones when sunglasses are not necessary.  I also have a pair of yellow tinted ones for low light cuz just like shooting glasses they make lines sharp and clear.  Guys, thanks for the links on the eye wear.  I'll check them out too.  The "wideeyez" shields look like the visors on the pro time trial helmets.

    Going down hills doesn't scare me so much.  It's the steering response that bothers me and I think that's due more to the wheel alignment.  I'm gonna really dig into that one.

    My thoughts on marking the trail in a simpler fashion is that this main Razorback trail (Everything around here is Razorback this or Razorback that.... ad nauseum) takes some turns into areas away from streets and you're out in the boonies.  I know from experience that in emergencies some sit and mumble while their brains turn to guacamole. 

    I'm concerned that under pressure they may not have the presence of mind to call 911 (if there's cell service) and give GPS coordinates if they know how.  I've gone back several times after a ride and pulled up Google maps to familiarize myself with where I'd ridden.  (One location I'm sure of is passing the poultry processing plant...P U) I'm thinking a more rock simple way might help in a pinch.

    One main stop on my way home is Fire Station #1 and I've talked to the folks there.  They're concerned too about the remoteness of parts of the trail.  They have a nice electric cart but it's too slow for most parts.  Their plan, at present, is to take a special small truck and get on the trail where they can nearest the person needing response.  I'm sure the topic will be discussed and cussed in the immediate future.

    I have been using TrimbleOutdoor's AllSportGPS for about 4 or 5 years.  It tracks my rides, gives WX, terrain data and uploads it to the cloud (or Twitter or Facebook...I don't use any social media).  I can go in later, look at it, make notes, etc.  Now I think it takes a subscription so I must have gotten it when it was being developed cuz I get it for free. :-)  We are way spoiled with all this technology.

    I'm getting sleepy cuz I've been running errands most of the day.  I'd like to ride in the morning and it's going to get into the 80s with lots of sun.  I'll check the wheel and tire first.  I've been experimenting with seat inclination and I want to try leaning it back another notch.  To do so I've had to remove the panniers (with all the stuff) and the rack.  I'll stick around my neighborhood.  Most importantly, I don't want to get a speeding ticket on my stripped down machine!  

    I'll also have to be careful because this weekend is the 16th annual Bikes, Blues and BBQ which is supposed to draw some 30,000 people to the about noise....and everywhere you motorcycles....Harley Davidsons...  Every year the event grows larger and larger.  Oh crap!  One of the music venues is 2 miles from my house at the Arvest Ballpark (Arkansas Naturals is farm team of Kansas City Royals).  So much for going that way.

    Later guys, and thanks for all the info.

    73 Hal
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    jeffacme, I checked the tires as you suggested and found the bulge to be in the tire near the valve stem.  I let all the air out of the tire, squeezed it (the tire) all the way around and re-inflated the tire. That seemed to help a little.  I'm thinking the that where the stem is attached to the tube must be a bit thinker.  It looks like I'll just have to live with it for now.

    I got brave today and rode over to Arvest Ballpark to see the display of cars and motorcycles being displayed as part of Bikes, Blues and BBQ (16th year with a predicted 450,000 motorcyclists attending the Thur-Sun event).  It was a huge display and people were having trouble parking their vehicles (motorcycles and cars).  As I drove in one entrance the volunteer said that the place was packed and parking was difficult.  I told him, "I'll do okay."  And as I rode by him he just kind of stared at me.  

    I rode through the melee and people made way for me.  I got lots of thumbs up, photos and videos taken and people saying things like "cool ride" and "I'm with you."  I found a small concrete traffic island with a shade tree and cabled the trike to the tree.  I walked around for an hour, came back, got on the trike, rode through the crowd again and went home.  I only live about two miles from the place over a small two lane overpass that crosses the interstate.

    With all the custom cars, custom motorcycles, vintage motorcycles ranging from a Vincent Black Shadow to a Cushman Eagle, I was the only trike there.  I didn't make the 5 o'clock news as there was no news crew anywhere to be seen. 8-(

    I'm glad I went over to see what was happening.  It was a totally new, unique and fun experience for me. I wanted to share it with you and the others on the forum.  
  • Very cool I have only seen one Black Shadow in my life and it has always been my dream bike. We often ride our bikes to events here in Milwaukee.Many of the larger ones have attended bike and motorcycle corrals one of the benefits of being HD's home town.  
  • jeffacme, I think I've only seen one on one other occasion at a show in Tucson many years ago.  Have you seen that episode of Top UK where they had the race to Glascow?  Jeremy rode the Flying Scottsman, James drove a Jaguar XK120 and Richard rode a Black Shadow.  It was a classic episode.

    There was a huge collection of motorcycles and scooters that were more than 25 years old. There were 4 Cushman scooters (Road King and 3 Eagles).  There were no Mustang scooters, Lambrettas or Vespas.  There were older HDs, BMWs, Hondas, Kawasakis and such.

    I talked to guy who had a 1970 Moto Guzzi which was like one my older brother rode in Tucson.  My brother's was an LAPD Police Model 750.  I rode it many times and boy did it have torque.  At the time I rode an 82 Suzuki 1000E shaft drive full dress.  I sold it when my employer moved me to Virginia (yuck).

    I had a lot of fun there...brought back a lot of memories.  I wanted to ride today but got up too late because it's going to get hot this PM.  Instead I'll mow the lawn late PM...not as much fun as the trike...maybe tomorrow. :-)

    You might want to think of attending Bikes, Blues and BBQ next year around this time.  Bikes start showing up here the first of the week and you'd have to make reservations early.  It's an easy hop around this area with four cities all crammed together.  They estimated 450,000 riders this year.  There are several venues with food, music, displays and such.  This was the 16th year and it just keeps growing.  
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    Yes and I was very jealous that Hammond got to ride that Balck Shadow. 

     I started with a Honda s90 when I was 13 my Dad gave it to me for my Birthday even though I could only ride it out in the country at that age. Moved on to MX bikes by Suzuki and Honda before getting my first real street bike a Kawi 750 triple 2 stroke. Crazy bike, a few others along the way that was in the era when HD was total crap so no one but 1%ers would ride HDs here. Today with all the rallies, tourists, and even our Governor riding HDs they are even less cool so I ride a Suzuki Boulevard just to put around town.

    It would be great to see allot of the bikes from the 60s and 70s again.
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