Tire upgrade restrictions

Like many here I want to upgrade from the stock 40psi tire to something better.Are there any restrictions on the Rover NuVinci concerning tires? Can I use Marathons, but not Duranos? Thanks for input.


  • You should be able to use any tires that properly fit your rims. If you're looking at some that are the same size as the 40psi, go for it. Many folks on the forum have experience with different tires, will happily suggest their favorites to you.
    I have the "All Road Wheel" package on my Rambler. I run them at 60psi and LOVE them.
  • A question on Big Apple tire size compatability

    You can get  the 20" in 2, 2.12, and 2.35 sizes. What will fit on the stock Rover 20" rim? Anyone know?
  • My stock tires went kept going low.  I had to check them before every ride.  The new 24" tires don't seem to have the same problem.  I wonder if it was due to the rims putting small holes in the innertubes.

    I think I'm headed to the store to buy extra inner tubes.  You guys are having way to many flats and getting me worried I may have one.
  • My new tires lose air much slower.  I checked them this morning before riding and they were at about 30 psi and should be at 40.  However, after I pumped them up, the ride was much rougher and bouncier.  I really prefer them at the lower pressure.

    Has anyone tired "Fix A Flat" to keep the trike tires from losing pressure?  If so, does it work?
  • Actually inner tubes are porous and do leak, some fastest then others.
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