Wanted: $500-$600 TerraTrike

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If you have a dusty, unused older/cheaper TerraTrike (excluding Rover) in your garage I can help you make some extra space before the snow falls here in Michigan. I live near Grand Rapids and I'm looking for a winter riding trike. Thanks, Tim. 


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    My x-seam is 43". 
  • There is a terratrike path on Recumbent Classifeds, on FaceBook. $650.00 in SW Michigan
  • Thanks for the tip. Trike sold before I could get there. I am still looking. 
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    Bummer! Sorry you didn't get to it in time . I'll continue to keep my eyes open for a trike for you. Are you watching the local Craigslist ?
  • Yes, I'm watching Craigslist, Ebay, Bentrideronline and now Recumbent Classifieds. Thank you for your help!
  • Hi, I have a 2001 TerraTrike v. 3.2 that I'd like to sell.  I haven't decided on an asking price yet.  You can call or text me at 292-9870 if you're interested.  I live in Caledonia.

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