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They sure look threatening from a low Zoomer seat !


  • I figure if I run over it  the snake will swing around and nail me. How do you explain to the doc how you  got bit on the ass by a snake??
  • you would have to be hardly moving to be bite like that

  • Elrique64, thanks for explaining that.  I had never heard of that an haven't had an issue with flat tires for years.  I know low tires on vehicles can heat up and cause a fire.  

    Good thing I keep a pump on the bike at all times.
  • Actually I ran one over, a small garter snake. I was rolling along fairly fast and thought it was a branch or root on the trail. About the time I realized it was a snake I swerved but still hit it with the rear wheel. No harm done though.

  • TCEd Don't think the snake would agree with you on that!!!
    Years ago I actually had a rattlesnake jump out and bite my motorcycle tire. Didn't hurt the tire, but certainly made a mess of the snake.
  • I ran into a different animal yesterday.  As I was riding up my golf cart path, I pass a natural preserve area.  Suddenly, I saw two raccoons about to cross the same path. I gasped and put on the brakes.  I thought the best plan was to give them the right of way.  They heard my gasp and ran the other way.  I guess they were more afraid of me than me of them. Thank goodness!

    I need to read up on how to react when you come across different wild animals.  It's been a long while since I've been around them.
  • Cannot imagine a skunk encounter being that low to the ground !!!!!
  • The area around Lake Fayetteville, AR, is densely wooded and so far I've only encountered a rattlesnake, a green garden snake, a black snake, a rather large praying mantis, numerous grasshoppers, tent caterpillars, etc.  I'm sure, come next spring, I'll encounter some other critters.  We've got deer, opossums, racoons, skunks, copperheads, water mocassins, squirrels and other small critters in abundance.  They'll be out in force come spring.  It's a good thing my TT as excellent disc brakes! Ha!
  • Were you the person who carried a gun when you rode?  If not, you might consider at least a pellet pistol for protection.  Those animals get very mean when they think you are going to hurt their young.
  • I don't carry a bullet launcher (as the Sgt in MP school used to call them), only a small tear gas gun for pooches and I've only had that happen once.  I kept moving and he/she wouldn't quite get in range!

    I know wild animals are very protective of their young.  I keep a close watch when I'm riding just in case.  The critters may keep out of sight during daylight hours and that path is used my a lot of cyclists, runners and walkers so I'm hoping the animals will keep clear of the paths. 
  • Oh no!  A cobra is loose only about 20 miles from my house.  Guess I'll stay close to home for a while.

  • Elrique64,  you should be working for National Geographic.  You could make a bundle doing your own reality show!  And, I'll bet that chipmunk will be telling his/her story for a long time to come.  I think you are a born adventurer...  I salute you, sir.
  • You could make movies like the Walt Disney Studios used to do.  I loved watching them as a child.

    Also, you're inventing a whole new market for Terra Trike.  Add all-terrain tires and a motor assist and the trike becomes a hunting tool. 
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    If you know of any veteran's organization that wants to build a bike to meet the needs of a disabled veteran, I have 3-20" wheels I would be glad to donate.  The rear wheel needs a hub as they pulled mine to put in the new wheel.  I spent 25 years working for the Air Force civil service and my son is an Air Force pilot.  I support them any way I can!
  • Elrique - have you looked at hard shell rifle holsters they make for ATV's? They're relatively lightweight, most are weathertight and it may be easier to fabricate a mount for a plastic box than customizing something for a prized weapon. . . It will be bulkier - but it should be more versatile (rifle or shotgun), more secure down the trail and probably a whole lot easier to mount. I can't think of a "quick draw" configuration if that's what you have in mind - just keep that sidearm handy while pedaling to your favorite spot. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
  • Elrique64, I'm all for providing alternative transport for disable vets and/or handicapped people in general. As more and more trail systems are developed it will provide greater access to urban as well as nature areas.  That will mean fewer cars, less pollution and more enjoyment in general.  So, keep doing what you're doing!  

    Our system is some 36 miles long north to south with new side trails all along the way.  More are being built or are in the planning stages.  Since mid-August my odo is now at 500+ miles, I've helped a stranded cyclist with a puncture and I'm meeting and making new friends along the way.  Let's all keep on pedaling and help to create a whole new culture..................

  • I hadn't read this thread because of the title (snakes) but I find it one of the most interesting ones! I really like all the "outdoorsy" comments. I had a little quick stop for a squirrel but since most f my riding is hiway or bike path, the wildlife is limited. i did have a goose come after me while I was on my two-wheeler and on a bike path that runs close to a pond.
    As to out of the recliner and on the recumbent... my wife calls my Rambler a Lazy Boy on wheels hahaha. At least I think she means the Rambler and not me...
  • danl, it seems here in NW Arkansas we have a huge population of Canada Geese, but they will eventually move out of your way.  Then all you have to do is dodge the goose crap!  I heard a retired medical doctor from Minnesota refer to CGs as flying carp....I lost it over that one.

    And my wife refers to my Rambler GT as that "thing". Now that the odometer has turned over 500 miles in three months she just leaves me alone.....8-]  After a long ride and a shower I get into the Lazy Boy, bring up the foot board (Halloween kitty curls up between my calves) with my Chromebook and usually nod off for at least an hour.
  • Looking forward to hitting some of those roads in northern Ontario next summer and was concerned about hitting moose... but then you are low enough to duck your head and scoot right under them.

    How do you Redneck bents deal with wild hogs? Oh that's right Rednecks only drive Harley's with loud pipes... an early warning system
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    squirrelpie0, you better be sure the moose has at least 30" of clearance between the front and back legs, and you better be sure you're lined up perfectly with the gap or you're going to have a very bad day.  =)

    In more than 25 years of living in NW Arkansas I've never seen a wild hog.  Now growing up in southern Arizona I saw plenty of javelinas.  In fact I nearly hit a group one night with my motorcycle (Suzuki, not a HD).  What you do see around here are the fanatics with extra little flags on their cars on the days that the AR Razorbacks are going to play a football game.  Deer are plentiful here and hitting them with a vehicle is not uncommon.

    From watching Northwoods Law I get the impression that a Moose does not have a pleasant personality so you might be well advised to avoid them if at all possible.  Can you get moose insurance? 
  • I know there are wild boar here but I've never seen one.  I'm more afraid of coming upon a gator.

    I was in my living room last week when I saw a large animal (the size of a medium dog) with slick, black hair and a long, thin tail waddle across the golf course.  Come to find out it was a river otter.  There are so many lakes, canals, and protected areas, apparently they thrive here.

    Great!  One more animal to avoid! 
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