Rover for sale in Alabama

I bought a Rover 3 in 2010. A year later I upgraded it with an Alfine 8 wheel with a 20 t cog for hills. Now that I'm 70, I find that I have trouble getting off and on and that I need electric assist to climb the hills. I've deserted the tadpole ranks for a delta. Now I have a Rover that someone else could use. I still have the SA 3 speed wheel and 16 and 22 t cogs. I replaced the seat leaver mechanism with bolts to keep the seat from sliding. No stickers. Though used, it is in good shape. I am selling the whole package. I will deliver and/or meet within 120 miles of Auburn ( Birmingham, Atlanta ). Can't arrange shipping. Price = $500.

Prof K


  • I'm interested in buying.  Please contact me at 270-842-8549, or
  • Replaced the 20t cog with the 16t cog on the Nexus 8.  GI is now bout 20-60 rather than 16-48.

     Prof K

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    Yes, it is. E- mail me @

  • What part of the state are you located? Is it still for sale? What is the weight of the bike?
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    I live in Auburn. According to the TT data, a Rover 8 Internal weighs 47 lbs. It is still for sale. The add should read a "Nexus 8" rather than Alfin 8.

    Prof K
  • Is it possible for you to text me a picture of it at 501 454-2390. Thanks.
  • I'm taking the Rover off the market. I'll modify it to suit my needs.
  • I took the Rover out this morning and the Nexus slipped badly.  It would have to be rebuilt.  I'm not up to that even with Youtube help.  I'm also not up to putting the SA 3 Speed back on.  Confirms taking it off the market.
  • Thanks for the explanation.  I had considered buying it so that I can convince my sister to ride with me.  But, not if it has major problems.
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